Turan Ltd. started its activities in 1997 with production of shotguns in Üzümlü Town. After the production process that started with the pump action shotgun and semi-automatic rifle series, Turan has gained an important place in the shotgun sector with the appreciation its products gained in the market.

By 2007, Turan carefully tracked the diversity in the market and developments in other similar areas, and started the production of blank cartridges and shotgun shells with the opportunities provided by the strengthening of its capital stock, and included the underground gallery-type explosive material production and storage facility it built for this purpose in its inventory. The facility was built on 50,000 square meters of area, and with its underground tunnel of 125 meters in length it was shown as a model among the underground explosive storages in Turkey in 2008.

Following the developments occurring in the defense industry in Turkey, Turan was also positively affected. After identifying the ever-increasing need for small arms ammunition in the world and yet insufficient attempts in Turkey to provide local needs, Turan determined that its own future should also be in this sector. Then after completing the necessary infrastructure investments for this purpose, it started production of 9×19 mm ammunition in 2019. Turan has already reached the capacity to produce 50 million blank cartridges and 25 million 9×19 mm cartridges.